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The Experience

A cigar is not merely a hobby, it's an experience that touches all of ones senses. It reaches down into your soul and touches that hidden, often overlooked, space of peace. The kind of peace found only within oneself, and we will help you find it.

Add a cocktail that inspires a journey of new and exciting pleasures and not generally available and you've got what we call "Time Beautifully Filled".

This is what sets us apart from everyone else and this experience can be found in only one place in West Texas. Our lounge is open. Why aren't you here yet.

A true cigar lounge is one of the last places on earth that individuals from all walks of life can sit down in the same room, even the same table, and no matter the background or personal convictions of any one of them, can enjoy one another in a worthwhile conversation or no conversation at all.

Eats & Drinks

Try our drinks and food. We have a great selection available for you to try.

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